CHEM 8M Syllabus & Schedule SP17        TA Lab & Office Hour Schedule

108M Sample Notebook           Sample Experimental

Khan Academy NMR Tutorials (Playlist)

Lectures available via webcast. Lecture 1 notes posted here due to technical difficulties in the lecture hall (audio available in webcast as well as ppt slides, but not chalkboard writing).

DAY 1 – see also “Preparing for the First Day” tab above

Students are responsible for bringing the following worksheets to the first day of lab.  Be on-time (15+ min late = dropped from class) and dressed for lab, even though you will not be performing an experiment. You can get a head start on the writing activity, but the error and safety activities require you to be in the lab. If you have taken CHEM 8L (or 108L) in the past, you can bring the worksheets from that class, assuming you’ve held onto them! A few pages from each are different for 8L & 8M – pay attention to instructions below. Help us save paper and only print out what you need…

108M Technical Writing – page 4 differs from 108L

Error Analysis – pages 3&4 may differ from 108L

Lab Orientation & Safety Activity – check for and add any new items on the first page

**Do not come to lab unless you are enrolled. If you are added to the class (from the wait-list or otherwise) after the first lab meeting, please contact me ( ASAP with the following so arrangements can be made…Your full name, section letter (ex. 01A), day, time, and room number in addition to ALL lab times (check class schedule) you are available to attend for a make-up.


Exp 1 – Separation of Carvone and Limonene (updated 4/1)

Exp 2 – Isolation of Excedrin Components (updated 4/11)

Exp 3 – Oxidation of Benzhydrol (updated 4/25)

Exp 4 – Colorful Chemistry (updated 5/4, changes on p 6-8, pre-lab #4)

Exp 5 – Preparation of Fruity Fragrances (updated 5/10)

IR Hexanol and Acetic Acid       IR Isoamyl Alcohol and Acetic Acid

Exp 6 – Synthesis of Aspirin – Exam Prep

LECTURE HANDOUTS (copies provided in class) – these are supplements to lecture, NOT lecture notes!

Lecture 1 – Column Chromatography

Lecture 2 – Acid-Base Extraction Flow Chart & Diagram

Lecture 3 – NMR Tables

Lecture 3/4 – 1H NMR of Benzhydrol & Benzophenone

Lecture 5 – Dyes & Fibers

Lecture 6/7 – 1H NMR Analysis of Esters

Lecture 8 – 1H NMR of Aromatics (Aspirin)

Lecture 9 – 13C NMR & IR – Aspirin