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Webcast login credentials – user: chem-8l (lowercase “L”); password: @croCh3m

Fall ’17 Content Below. See also Preparing for the First Day, including a note about section switching and to wait-listed students.

CHEM 8L Syllabus & Schedule F17

Lab & Office Hour Schedule

108L Sample Notebook

Day 1 Worksheet – copies provided in lab

8L Intro Lab Packet – 3 parts: safety, error, & technical writing

Experiments & Video Tutorials (schedule in syllabus) – The video tutorials below each experiment PDF are provided to give you a general idea of what the experiments will look like and may not follow your procedures exactly. When in doubt, refer to the experiment PDF and announcements in lecture/lab.

Exp 1 – Recrystallization of Acetanilide

Video Tutorial – Recrystallization (she should be wearing gloves & lab coat!)

Video Tutorial – Recrystallization (similar to above, he should wear gloves too!)

Exp 2 – Isolation of Citrus Oils

Video Tutorial – Steam Distillation (shows the glassware setup with useful general details on distillation)

Video Tutorial – Gas Chromatography

Exp 3 – TLC

Video Tutorial – Enjoyable Schematic Presentation of Chlorophyll Extraction from Spinach & TLC

Video Tutorial – Extraction & TLC Separation of Spinach Pigments (very close to what you’re doing)

Experiment 4 – IR Exercise

Video Tutorials – Infrared (IR) Spectroscopy (check out the full playlist)

Literature Spectra

Experiment 5 – Dehydration of Methylcyclohexanols

IR of Starting Material (use for 1- and 2-methylcyclohexanol)

Literature Spectra: Methylcyclohexenes

LAB PRACTICAL PREP: Experiment 6 – Synthesis of t-Pentyl Chloride


Other Handouts (copies provided in lecture or lab)…

GC Activity – Sample Chromatograms

Lecture 2 – Terpenes & Distillation

Lecture 3 – GC Equipment

Lecture 4 – TLC

Lecture 5 – IR Table of Values

Lecture 5 – IR Theory & Carvone

Calculations & IR Worksheet