CHEM 8M Syllabus & Schedule W18      LAB SAFETY RULES

8M Sample Notebook

8M Technical Writing – Experimental Methods – provided in 1st lab

8M Lab & Office Hour Schedule

EXPERIMENTS – winter ’18 material updated 12/21/17, schedule in syllabus

Exp 1 – Separation of Carvone and Limonene

Exp 2 – Isolation of Excedrin Components

Exp 3 – Oxidation of Benzhydrol

Khan Academy NMR Tutorials (Playlist)

Exp 4 – Colorful Chemistry

Exp 5 – Preparation of Fruity Fragrances

IR Hexanol and Acetic Acid       IR Isoamyl Alcohol and Acetic Acid

Exp 6 – Synthesis of Aspirin – Practical Exam Prep

LECTURE HANDOUTS (copies provided in lecture)

Lecture 1 – Columns

Lecture 2- Excedrin Flow Charts

Lecture 3 – NMR Tables

Lecture 3/4 – 1H NMR of Benzhydrol & Benzophenone

Lecture 5 – Dyes & Fibers

Lecture 6/7 – 1H NMR Analysis of Esters

Lecture 8 – 1H NMR of Aromatics (Aspirin)

Lecture 9 – 13C NMR & IR – Aspirin

**Do not come to lab unless you are enrolled. If you are added to the class (from the wait-list or otherwise) after the first lab meeting, please contact me ( ASAP with your section information (day, time, & room) and all lab sections you are available attend to make up the work.

** Mandatory 1st Lab Meeting Jan 9 – 11. Students will be dropped for being more than 15 minutes late or not being properly dressed, even though an experiment is not performed. Lab dress code is in the Safety Rules below. Bring the completed 8L Intro Packet, or a print a new one (see 8L tab above) to complete before or during the 1st lab meeting. See Preparing for the First Day tab above for more preparation advice.