Final Exam Pick-Up Dates: M 4/3 12-1pm, PSB 398 and W 4/5 3-4pm, PSB 257 (exam keys at the bottom of this page)

CHEM 8B W17 Syllabus & Schedule          8B W17 TA Discussion & Office Hour Schedule

CHEM 8B Reading Questions & 8A Review Tips        Study Routine & Blank Calendar

CHEM 8B W17 Lecture 1 Notes – posted due to strike

Link to Webcasts (started lecture 4)

Lecture Handouts (copies provided in class)

pKa Game          Aldehydes & Ketones (Chapter 19)

Carboxylic Acid Derivatives (Chapter 21)          Lecture 16 – Amino Acids

Homework not included in the text…

Clarifications, Corrections, and Alternate Solutions to the McMurry Solutions Manual: Chapter 16-18       Chapter 19-20         Chapter 21-27

Carbohydrate Worksheet (Chapter 25 HW, Part 1)     Carbohydrate KEY – updated 3/7

Amino Acid & Peptides (Chapter 26 HW, Part 1)         Amino Acid & Peptide KEY

Practice Exams *Pay special attention to notes on changes to exam material from W16 to W17*

8B Exam 1A W16 (updated 1/25)      8B Exam 1A W16 Key

8B Exam 2A W16 (updated 1/25)      8B Exam 2A W16 Key

8B Final Exam A W16 (updated 3/14)   8B Final Exam Key W16 (updated 3/17)

Problems not covered in practice final: 1a, 1c, 5d, 6b (left side), 6d (left side), 7i

Corrections: 6d should be CH3MgBr, not (CH3)2CuLi; 10a double bond missing in key (needs to be reduced with H2, Pd/C)

Winter ’17 Blank Exams & Keys    W17 Grade Distribution

8B Exam 1A W17 (White)       8B Exam 1A W17 KEY

8B Exam 1B W17 (Yellow)      8B Exam 1B W17 KEY

8B Exam 2 W17                     8B Exam 2 W17 Key

8B Exam Final A W17              8B Exam Final A Key W17

8B Exam Final B W17              8B Exam Final B Key W17

Exam pick-up dates at the top of the page. Exams were not scanned – regrades not accepted but I’m happy to fix addition errors.