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SSI 17 CHEM 8B Syllabus     Summer 8B Calendar    

Summer 17 OH Disc Schedule – something for everyone!

CHEM 8B Reading Questions & 8A Review Tips

Webcasts available starting lecture 4 (user: chem-8b pw: @croCh3m). Lecture 1, Lecture 2, and Lecture 3 not recorded.

Lecture Handouts (copies provided in class)

pKa Game          Aldehydes & Ketones (Chapter 19)

Carboxylic Acid Derivatives (Chapter 21)          Lecture 16 – Amino Acids

Homework not included in the text…

Clarifications, Corrections, and Alternate Solutions to the McMurry Solutions Manual: Chapter 16-18       Chapter 19-20         Chapter 21-27

Carbohydrate Worksheet (Chapter 25 HW, Part 1)     Carbohydrate KEY – updated 3/7

Amino Acid & Peptides (Chapter 26 HW, Part 1)         Amino Acid & Peptide KEY

Summer ’17 Exams & Keys

8B Exam 1A SS17      8B Exam 1 Key

Practice Exams & Keys   

8B Exam 1A W17 (White)       8B Exam 1A W17 KEY

8B Exam 2 W17                     8B Exam 2 W17 Key

8B Exam Final A W17              8B Exam Final A Key W17