110L Syllabus & Schedule SP17       TA Lab & Office Hours Schedule

110L Sample Notebook    Sample Experimental Methods

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Week 1 In-Lab Activity: Review of Standard Lab Techniques (provided in lab). Also, find your safety, error, and writing activities from CHEM 8L/M. Print your own (below) if you don’t have them and complete before or during the first lab meeting. Copies of the worksheets below will not be available in lab.

Safety Activity Key   Error Analysis   Writing Guidelines

**Do not come to lab unless you are enrolled. If you are added from the wait-list after your lab has already met, please contact me ( with the following so arrangements can be made…Your full name, section letter (ex. 01A), day, time, and room number. Also reply with ALL lab times (check class schedule) you are available to attend for a make-up. Wait listed students should come to the first lecture on Friday 4/7 and should use the following to prepare for experiment 1 (discussed in lecture 1 and performed the second week of class). Notification of enrollment emails are not always sent in a timely fashion. Please check your enrollment status online before your wait listed lab section to prevent being dropped.

Experiment PDFs (schedule of labs in the syllabus)

Exp 1 – Carbohydrates

Perkin Condensation Reference

Exp 2 – Synthesis of t-Cinnamic Acid

t-Cinnamic Acid Sample NMR

Exp 3 – Synthesis of Ionones

Ionones 1H NMR

Exp 4 – Biodiesel

Exp 5 – Synthesis and Bromination of Phenacetin

Exp 6 – Diels-Alder

Spectroscopy Tables

NMR Tables     IR Table

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