Advanced Organic Lab for Chemistry Majors

146A Updated Syllabus & Schedule – updated 11/8

NMR Predictor! Use this to find the expected chemical shifts of your unknown and/or compare to the values calculated from the textbook’s correlation tables. Don’t rely too much on the expected multiplicity as this site incorporates longer range coupling than we talk about in class.

Group B – Phenacetin Synthesis Reaction Variables

 NMR Spectra for Exp 4, Group A

Jen’s Office Hours at the Digital Scholarship Commons (help with ChemDraw & SciFinder)

Friday, November 4 @ 2-4pm

Wednesday, November 9 @ 4-6pm; Thursday November 10 @ 4-6pm

Friday, December 2 @ 2-4pm



The lab manual for this class is now available in the bookstore! Do not purchase the lab manual unless you are enrolled (no refunds) and do not attend lab if you are on the wait-list. The first lab meeting is Monday, September 26 or Tuesday, September 27, depending on your section (no class meeting 9/22).

The beginning of the lab manual (syllabus, intro, schedule, etc.) is posted as a PDF below. Read these pages carefully before the first class meeting. Once you have the lab manual, read through page 19. The schedule is subject to change as the class structure is fluid. Please check this website on at least a weekly basis for further updates throughout the quarter.

You will need a new lab notebook – any lined and bound notebook without duplicate pages will do. There is no specific text assigned to the class, but you should already have an experimental organic chemistry textbook from the 108 series (Mohrig or Palleros). Any experimental ochem text should be suitable for this course. Read the text sections on column chromatography and liquid-liquid extraction (acid-base extraction) before the first lab meeting. Wait until you get the lab manual to prepare your notebook for Experiments 1.1 and 1.2.